Native American Experience

The Native American Experience is truly an exceptional week, and it’s available to all students who are involved in leadership within our youth ministry program. Interested in becoming a leader so you can join us next year? Just start showing up and let Chris know that you’re interested. It really is that simple and the experience truly is a transformative one.

During this incredible week, the team will have the chance to explore a different culture, reflect on social issues, cultivate relationships and, most importantly, continue to explore the integral link between Christian faith and the Gospel’s call to service and justice. During the week we’ll be staying at St. Mary’s Mission in Tohatchi, New Mexico. We’ll be participating in traditional Navajo ceremonies, hiking at Red Rock State Park, and a whole lot more. The service projects range from food deliveries to chopping wood, which is used to cook and heat the traditional Navajo homes.

For more information you can contact Chris Small at or 609.466.0300 extension 16. The registration form, parent letter, and website for the mission are all below.

Team Letter

Registration Materials