Project Guatemala


Project Guatemala is an experience that is breathtaking, incredibly challenging and absolutely transformative! This opportunity is available for this year’s senior class and I cannot imagine a more appropriate experience to provide students who are preparing for the next chapter in their lives.

During this incredible week the team will have the chance to explore a different culture, reflect on social issues, cultivate relationships and, most importantly, continue to explore the integral link between Christian faith and the Gospel’s call to service and justice. We’ll be mixing a ton of cement. It’s going to be back breaking labour, but we’re genuinely excited for it! Project Guatemala exposes participants to issues of third word poverty, immigration and provides a unique perspective of faith, service, and justice in the context of a truly amazing cultural immersion. Project Guatemala is among the most powerful experiences available to our young people and is a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

 For more information you can contact Chris Small at or 609.466.0300 extension 16.

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