JusticeworX Trenton

One of the most important and exciting developments in Youth Ministry over the past few years has been the vibrant growth in summer programming being made available to young people. JusticeworX is part of this wonderful movement: a fun filled week of service and justice, exciting activities, and fascinating learning opportunities in a retreat-like environment. JusticeworX is staffed by dynamic adults eager to share their faith and lives with students. Whereas there are a great many “summer service camps” out there, JusticeworX seeks to integrate justice education and awareness into daily service experiences. 

During these incredible weeks you will have the chance to explore a different side of our home state, reflect on social issues, cultivate relationships and most importantly, continue to explore the integral link between Christian faith and the Gospel call to service and justice. You’ll have fun too! 

For more information you can contact Chris Small at csmall@borromeo.org or 609.466.0300 extension 16. There are links below to all of the forms and the letter that has more details. 

JusticeworX NJ Registration

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